Design & Detailing

We have experienced team dedicated to structural steel works. Our designers make the digital copy of steel building and structure. We are also experienced with the steel structure home design. Every design made on your basic steel structure foundation. We have an excellent track record of designing most cost comprehensive steel building and structure. We work closely with the clients to better understand their needs and guide them to take the right steps. We follow completely digital and reliable software for steel structure design.

Building Accessories

We provide standard Ridge Ventilator products and installation. We also provide maintained Ridge Ventilation Section, Roof Monitor and Gravity Ventilator.

Cranes and Mezzanine

We have the service of crane installation and removal on any kind of site with proper safety measures. We also do crane and hoist repair. We have a team of professionals for the inspection of cranes and hoists. We provide the service of equipment load testing in standard method. We also provide Mezzanine or Platform installation service all over Bangladesh.

Color Panels

Customize the color of your new steel structure. We provide color selection panel profiles all products available in smooth or embossed finish.

Trims Accessories

We offer trim & flashing system for a variety of applications. We make our every best effort to trim product design. We have all advanced machinery and equipment for the Trim Accessories service.

Nut Boltu

We do supply all kinds of Per-engineered steel nut bolts and hardware items. Our nut bolt products utilizing the best quality metals and alloys they exhibit robustness, and high tensile strength as well as high durability.

Supply & Erection

Luminous Steel Structure has a strong team of engineers who are responsible for erection of pre-fabricated steel structures to its valued clients. lt also has a large fleet of experienced and trained foreman and erection workers who are able to face challenges of all kinds of installation and tuning your heater difficulties and come out with success and precise quality.To eliminate time and efforts in solving disputes and claims raised by erector due to delivery issues and mismatches.

Surface preparation

Surface preparation is the essential first stage treatment of a steel substrate before the application of any coating, and is generally accepted as being the most important factor affecting the total success of a corrosion protection system. We provide the best surface preparation service in Bangladesh.


Luminous Steel Structure having been well equipped with modern machinery along with expert engineer and workers actualizes the detailing the fabrication drawing for each member. It has a number of section, like: Cutting, Fitting, Fabrication, Welding, Grinding and Painting.