Luminous Steel Structure Ltd.
About LSS

Luminous Steel Structure has a strong team of engineers who are responsible for erection of pre-fabricated steel structures to its valued clients. lt also has a large fleet of experienced and trained foreman and erection workers who are able to face challenges of all kinds of installation and tuning your heater difficulties and come out with success and precise quality. To eliminate time and efforts in solving disputes and claims raised by erector due to delivery issues and mismatches.



Design & Detailing

We provide standard designing and detailing by our professional team dedicated to structural steel works by digital and reliable softwares.

Color Panels

We provide the best color panels solution that will suit your building style.


To ensure delivery of the best quality product, the process commences right from the beginning i.e. material used. The imported plates are subjected to quality tests before fabrication under the supervision of the QC Dept of LSS at the Factory end. World class fabrication is guaranteed right through the cutting, fitting, welding, shot blasting, and painting using the best machines.

Types of Steel Fabrication we provide:-
➔ Frame structures
➔ Grids structures
➔ Arch structures
➔ Prestressed
➔ Truss structures

Building Accessories

We supply the best quality of building accessories and materials.

Structural Component

We provide the best structural Component that will suit your building style.

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is the essential first stage treatment of a steel substrate before the application of any coating and is generally accepted as being the most important factor affecting the total success of a corrosion protection system. The performance of a coating is significantly influenced by its ability to adhere properly to the substrate material. Residual mill scale on steel surfaces is an unsatisfactory base to apply modern, high-performance protective coatings and is therefore removed by abrasive blast cleaning. Other surface contaminants on the rolled steel surface, such as oil and grease are also undesirable and must be removed before the blast cleaning process. The surface preparation process not only cleans the steel, but also introduces a suitable profile to receive the protective coating.

Cranes & Mezzanine

We provide specialized maintenance services and spare parts for all types and makes of overhead industrial cranes and Mezzanine.

Supply & Erection

LSS team plans and safely executes the erection of every project on time and within budget. Our customers can count on the vast experience, capabilities, and services of the team to efficiently erect their projects of any size and complexity. Our crew is well trained on safety standards and utilizes modern techniques and equipment in the industry. Our highly skilled team of operating engineers and workers manage the erection of Structural Steel or Pre-Engineered Building projects with the highest standards in the industry. Proven track record is a force to reckon with when managing the logistical challenges of handling fast-track jobs, tight access, and solving site limitation issues with unique erection plans.


LSS is one of the most reliable all kind of Trims accessories supply and service company in Bangladesh.

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